Epoxy second coat

I've done the fillets and taping on my WD12 and it will be ready for a second coat of epoxy tomorrow. Is the second coat just to fill the weave or do I recoat everything? Should I sand at all? I do have some puddles and drips. Also, what's thicker, catsup or mustard? In the manual, it uses both as examples of consistency. I always thought they were about the same.



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RE: Epoxy second coat

3 light coats all over.

I would sand out the puddles and drips.  Or scrape or dremel....



RE: Epoxy second coat

If it was me, I would add the fill coats till you get full coverage and not risk sanding into the cloth.  Once you have good coverage, then I would sand the drips/runs/ whatever.

As to which is thicker, I guess that would depend on the brand.  I've had some pretty runny mustard, and I play heck getting the ketchup out of that damn bottle!

But in your case, I would say mustard.

RE: Epoxy second coat

Thanks for the info. Next question, what do I do about these jaggies?


I wish I would have run the cloth all the way up the side instead of following the manual. Will a couple more coats of epoxy cover that up or at least make it less noticeable? If I sand it down will it turn white and stay white?

RE: Epoxy second coat

So... what did you do about your jaggies? I have the same problem and I see from your pics that you've cleaned them up nicely.


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