Painting Over West System

This may show my inexperience towards boat building, but here goes. I have been restoring an Old Towne row boat that was once my mom's. The wood plank floor has been replaced and fiber glassed. I know, not a good idea., but the boat will be kept out of water and I needed a way to make it water tight. Now I need to West System the inside floor to also prevent water from coming in the boat. Question - Can you paint a polyurethane primer over the West System?

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RE: Painting Over West System

Yes.  Once epoxy is fully cured, it can be sanded to give it tooth, so the paint will stick, and then painted with polyurethane.

But, if it were me restoring it, I'd remove all the fiberglass first, replace any rotted or broken planks and frames, caulk if needed, and then varnish or paint the wood.  Personally, I would not put any fiberglass on a wooden Old Town boat, These are beautiful, historical boats.

We had a beautiful Old Town rowing canoe when I was a kid, one which we kept for many years. I believe it was over 100 years old when it was finally destroyed by improper storage.  When it needed canvas or a frame replaced, we took it in (to Tom James, on L. George, but there are others around who do this kind of work)


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