Painting the waterline



I am finishing off a Chesapeake 17 and wanted to paint the underside up to the waterline (mainly to cover the stitching holes and myfirst ever scarphing attempts!).

What's the best way to mark a straight line at around waterline level?  If I follow the panel joints, it won't be on the waterline from what i can see.

No waterline is marked on the plans, but I may be able to draw one and measure down form the sheer at set points.

Any other suggestions on how best to do this?  Or should I just follow the panel chine joint line?


Melbourn, Australia

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RE: Painting the waterline

If you put it in the water you will see the true waterline, taking the guesswork out of it.


RE: Painting the waterline

Like fishbuster said try putting it in a pool. Put a couple of bags of sand, or even a couple of buckets of water to immitate some weight in the Kayak. Then use some short pieces of tape, placed vertically around the craft at the water line-Then mark the water line on the tape (or put the tape so the bottom marks the water line). Then connect the dots/tape marks for your water line.

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