Sanding Interlux Primer

Just a heads up for those who need to sand indoors.  CLC guidance is that sanding primer results in white clouds of dust and that outdoors on a windy day is a good idea.  I found that hooking the shop-vac up to my random orbital sander was very effective at controlling the dust.  Helps to be able to plug both the sander and vac into the same extention cord also.

 Not rocket science, there is even a picture in some of the instructional materials, but it really does work.

 Good luck.



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RE: Sanding Interlux Primer

I did all my Duck sanding in my living room with a dust attachment to my ROS.  Not perfect but can be done.  (As long as you live alone)  Don't forget to use the mask even with a dust attachment. 

 Varnishing was done outside.


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