New type tack cloth

While picking up some sandpaper at one of the local big box stores I noticed that Norton has released a new line they call “Micro-Fiber Cloths”.

  The Red Dry Tack Cloth will solve you tack cloth needs without leaving any residue to mess up you epoxy of varnish. The really great thing is that it’s washable 300+ times – no bleach or fabric softener though – so making the assumption that you can remember where you last left it and don’t you use it to clean out your coffee maker, one cloth could easily last a lifetime of boat building. 

I tried it on my current 17 foot varnish project and I can truly say it’s an amazing piece of cloth.  I rapidly found that not only does it pick up all the dust that was left behind after vacuuming, bit if there is even the slightest rough spot that could uses a wee bit more attention, the cloth will let you know.

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RE: New type tack cloth

Yes I agree with barefootdave, except about the 'new line' part.  I have been using one of these cloths for a couple of years (yes, the same one cloth), and it still works great!  I don't think that I have ever washed it.  I just vacuum it out by holding one corner while dangling it in front of my shop vac hose.  If I did need to wash it, I think that I would hand wash it, with warm water and no soap, detergent, or anything else. 


RE: New type tack cloth

I had the same experience and was very pleased with the results. After sanding (with 320 grit dry paper), I brushed the boat with a horsehair brush, then used the tack cloth, then wiped it down with Interlux 333 Brushing Liquid using disposable cotton rags.  The result was a stunning finish with only three coats.  I hand washed the tack cloth in warm water with no soap and it made a big difference.  (Note, if you use the brushing liquid, it is extremely volatile, so use gloves and immediately soak your application rags with water after using them so they don't spontaneously combust.)  -Wes

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