Varnish cure time

I am wanting to buff out my Expedition Single with wax, but not sure how long I need to wait for the scooner varnish to cure before it is waxed.  I know with cars, you should wait 90 days, with furniture (laquer or Poloy) you should wait 2-4 weeks.  But I can not find any info with Interlux Varnish, any ideas?



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RE: Varnish cure time

I use my nose as a guide.  When I can't smell varnish on the boat's surface it's probably okay to apply wax.  That may be two weeks or more from the last coat of varnish.  I think we just coined a new finishing term --"sniff time".

RE: Varnish cure time

The downside of applying wax is that it's an epoxy release agent. When you get that first scratch (and you will) and go to fix it, the new epoxy won't stick to the waxed areas. You'll have remove the wax, as well as the varnish, to effect a repair.



RE: Varnish cure time

Laszio is right.  All wax and varnish needs to be removed before making resin repairs.  However, the up side of waxing a boat (with paste wax, not silicone polishes) is that you can re-wax, buff out minor scratches, and come up with a new-like finish in minimum time.  If you have to remove paste wax, paint thinner does the job.  My Arctic Tern High has many, many miles on it and it and still has a show quality finish.  Wax-on, I'm very pleased with the result. 

RE: Varnish cure time

For those folling this thread, the guys over at Yacht Paint (makers of Interlux) answered my question saying to give the varnish 14 days to cure.

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