flush mount hatch seal

im just about ready to to install the weather stripping on the hatches for my shearwater and im seeing some negative post about the weather stripping supplied . has the material been changed since then and if not would i be better off using a different material?

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RE: flush mount hatch seal

If you're not going to roll or go into choppy water (where water frequently & violently gets onto the decks) the weather seal shipped with the kit is just fine. The big problem is that it's open cell foam, so it doesn't actually block the water, it just slows it down.

On my WD12, I ended up replacing the weather-stripping with a gasket that I made from closed cell foam, like the seat pads. It worked a lot better.


RE: flush mount hatch seal

Great to know.  I will take this into account then it come time to do my hatches.

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