Q about how to fix a bad glue on scarff

I have been racing the clock on the weather and wanted to get the Ches. Double to the stitch phase and discovered that I have a bad glue on one of the sheer clamp scarfs.  What I am looking at is a quarter inch or less area along most of the scarf that did not fill in (I noticed too late that the block I screwed down did not hold on one side allowing the scarf some breathing room).

 I have two options in mind but not sure if either one is the fix.

1. Try and find a syringe and shoot straight epoxy into the gap and clamp.

2. Use a coping saw and cut along the scarf and redo the whole process.

Any veterans have ideas out there?

Thanks in advance, John 

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RE: Q about how to fix a bad glue on scarff


If it's on a sheer clamp, it's really easy to cut it back apart and reglue it.  Preferable not to have any risk of weakness or hard spots there.

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