Mill Creek 16.5

I am ready to install the beam just aft of the forward bulkhead. The bulkhead is set at 48" and the beam is to go on at 60 3/8" from the steam ( most forward point). When I pull a string line from the stem to the top of the beam at center, the top of the bulkhead is down about 1". As best I can tell from the pictures the bulkhead should be on the same plane as the beam at top center. What gives?


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RE: Mill Creek 16.5

The Mill Creek 16.5's forward deck DOES have some concavity in side view.  From your description it sounds like everything is in order.

RE: Mill Creek 16.5


 Just a note to say hi. My MC 16.5 kit has not arrived yet but am looking forward to its arrival. Do you have any suggestions regarding the kit? This is my first attempt at a kit. I have worked on a 17 foot strip Hiawatha canoe with a friend but this will be my first kit.

Thanks and good building


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