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just dreamin' but can anyone suggest a kit for a seaworthy small outboard powered kit boat? and whatever happend to that powerboat clc had

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RE: power boat


The CLC powerboat (Tolley Point Skiff, I believe) died from lack of demand. Seems that when you mention power boats to a kayak building community, most would rather have a torpedo kit instead of a powerboat kit.

As far as your first question, you need to get a little more specific. You can slap a small outboard onto the Jimmy Skiff, Eastport Pram or Passagemaker and have a nice, well-behaved slow boat good for quiet waters, but it sounds from your question that you're looking for something a little different.

If so, google "gv11".



RE: power boat

Wow Lazlo.... Are there plans to offer a torpedo kit? That would be great. Especially if they can be launched from a kayak!

I suppose one could arrange for some sort of "suicide" torpedo using one of the existing kits, but that's not really my bag.


Ogata (eric)

RE: power boat

Put my name down for that torpedo kit. When's it coming out?


RE: power boat

hmmmmmmm, "African Queen" torpedo kit....I like it. 

RE: power boat

Here ya go.....


RE: power boat

I couldn't find the torpedo kit.




I dig the skiff, I own two, one for row/play and the other is more for work like trot-lining and castnetting.  I have a 2.5  on one and a 3 on the other.  easyand a quick build.  I beat the heck out of all of them, punched a 8 inch hole in the side panel of one once chasing down mullet and hit the jetty.  some patch work, alot of glass and was back for the rest of the season.  looked semi rough you could see the slight lines ofthe patched wood.  sheesh wanna buy them!

RE: power boat

Just wondering, are there any laws about attaching one of these to your bow?


May not be as effective as the afore mentioned torpedo but I think it could be a lot of fun!

George K.

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