I'm wondering if decals can be used for graphic effects under glass/epoxy build-up?


Any ideas?



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RE: graphics


There have been a handful of threads recently discussing this.  Here is one.

There are many ways to do it.  Have fun with it.  My boat is on hold for the time being, but decals for are still rolling around in my mind. 

Please post of's fun to see other's ideas and methods.


RE: graphics


Thanks for the info.  I've got some scrap okoume around and plan to experiment with some decals.  I'll post photos if I can get something to work well.

I'm awaiting shipment of a Chesapeake 16 kit, so I'm trying to get organized for that.

Good luck with your project.


RE: graphics


Bob Heinrich put an CLC "inlay" and a print of a dog. It worked well for them. 

 I've tried to post a link to their photos:

He said the dog picture is printed on rice paper and just applied. 


RE: graphics

Doc, picking up on Christine's remarks, I designed a graphic of a photo of my dog in one color and printed it in reverse on rice paper, as has been discussed in this forum last summer.  The idea of printing it on rice paper in reverse is so that you apply the print on your surface upside down so it reads correctly.  This is done to prevent any ink or laser print toner from being removed when applying the epoxy.  I had to experiment a few times before I discovered that.  The first one I applied was "right reading" and when we put the epoxy on with the spreader, it removed some of the image and effectively lightened the image.  Had to sand it all out and do it over again.  Rice paper can be found easy enough online, but you have to buy minimum amounts which can be expensive.  It's a very thin paper and I miked it about .002".  I have some sheets left over and will happily give a few to you for your playing around with.  If I knew how to upload photos to this forum, I'd post a pic or two.  If you wish, send me your email address and if you want the rice paper, include your snail mail.  I'll also email a few photo attachments.  My email is  Best, Bob Herinrich

RE: graphics

Bob's picture:

RE: graphics

Thanks Laszlo and Christine!!  Bob H

RE: graphics

'Decoupage' would be a good search word.

RE: graphics

Thanks to all for the helpful comments and information.  Unfortunately I couldn't get Bob's photo sent by Laslo -  (got a big box with an X in the upper left)  I'll get with Bob via email.

Is this the same MrKim who was most helpful on the Windrider forum?  I owned and sailed the great Windrider 17 for several years.

RE: graphics

Hey doc

Its me.  Still have my WR17 but do more paddling now than sailing. 

On that pic....I have no clue why but I first got the X.  I tried to fix it but then was able to see the pic.  Now I have the X.  ???

What works quite often is to right click in the photo area.  Select 'Properties' and then left click on the link.  Hit Ctrl A to highlite, Ctrl C to copy and them paste it in your browser address box at the top.

Hope that works.


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