Skerry Footbraces

I am hesitant to install the rowing foot braces in my Skerry.  I wonder if they would interfere with sailing comfort.  Most of the sailing pictures I see show people sitting about where th foot braces go.  nyone have experience with this?  Thanks

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RE: Skerry Footbraces

Hi Ray

I also did not install footbraces on my Skerry. In hindsight I think that was the right thing because although I have rowed Cricket for quite long distances and the braces would have been nice, I sit in the rear area floor when I sail and the braces would have been a real nuisance. Possibly even a bit dangerous in the few cases where I had to move very fast.

I have put non skid surface on the bottom of the boat and I'm happy I did.

I think I will use a board with ropes  on both ends that I tie to the middle seat. Sort of like a 1 rung rope ladder. That will give me something to brace the feet when I'm rowing and I can just untie it when I dont want it anymore.




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