Shearwater 17 first steps

I just recieved my Shearwater 17 S&G and want to get started correctally. I have noticed a mismatch in height as the panels are laying on the floor. This is caused by a slight bow in the plywood. Am I being too picky? Should I go ahead and epoxy the pieces together, or put something heavy between wax paper and the epoxy joint, or pin the pieces down somehow to insure a perfectally flat joint?


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RE: Shearwater 17 first steps

Sometimes the wood curls up really bad. Mine did.

Do whatever you have to do, even staple, to get those pieces to line up perfectly and stay flat. If there is any 'offset' in height between the 2 pieces, you will pay in the finished product as the plywood laminate is too thin to sand out a height problem at the joints.

Try to get everything lined up as best you can throughout the build.

RE: Shearwater 17 first steps

when i first glued the pannels on my shearwater 16, they did not lay flat.  so i sanded down the epoxy and glass tape, and started again.

on top of wax paper, and then about 50 lbs of bricks on top to keep these suckers flat!


worked great,   

RE: Shearwater 17 first steps

Thanks for the VERY helpfull advice, I'm glad I didn't rush into this!!


RE: Shearwater 17 first steps

yeah i was so excited i kinda rushed into the first step, then had to redo it.

 doing the job correctly one time is much easier.



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