Overlap marks in paint

I am painting a CLC16LT with Brightside using foam roller to apply and foam brush to tip out.  Applying from keel line vertically down hull with roller and tipping out at right angles.  Despite working in 12-16 inch sections in 70-80 degree weather I can not eliminate the "seam" between the sections. 

On the second coat I tried thinning the paint by 10% with 333 brushing liquid but they are still there.

Any suggestions?







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RE: Overlap marks in paint

Are you keeping a wet edge? You want to brush in the direction of dry surface to previously painted surface. This knocks down the seam. Also, are you painting in direct sunlight? Avoid at all costs. A helper can also make things go apace. One person rolls and then the other tips immediately.

RE: Overlap marks in paint

Yes, at least attempting to keep a wet edge by only trying to cover a 12" - 16" section at a time.  Tipping from dry to wet as well. 

Painting on the screened porch so no direct sunlight.  The helper is the only thing that I have not tried.

Thanks for the suggestions. 


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