Passagemaker Yard

Has anone used trigger snaps to fasten the yard to the main sheet rather than lashing ? Has anyone used  an eye bolt thru the yard to fsten the main halyard ?  I'm trying to minimize set up time and not have the yard wrapped with  the halyard  etc.

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RE: Passagemaker Yard

 Marine shops have dozens of clips,  and snaps to speed up small sailboat  rigging .   I have found that even the  plastic clips,  and snaps   are quite strong enough ( and probably do less  damage to  varnished masts  in  a wild blow )   ..... After all, you are not sailing   any small   sailboat in gale force winds..... if its  blowing strong enough to  pull  a plastic   clip  apart... you probably should not  be out there...   I have several of this type on my 13 ft. sailing  dinghy... easy to  fasten , and undo .


     Caution : Drilling  a hole  through a  spar of  any type  severely weakens  it.  I would   find  a wrap around clip... There are   many different sized metal "Wrap around "   clips you could use for the  yard  or   just  wrap  small line around the yard,  and lash the line  to   a plastic clip.  Your   wrapped line can be stabilized with  either painting with  watery  exterior glue ( several coats ) ... or  VERY small  screws , through the line.

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