double fiberglass on bow?

I remember suggestions to use two layers of fiberglass on the ends of a kayak (17lt), but they weren't in my directions or DVD and I forgot to do it.

I've applied two thin layers of epoxy since 'glassing my hull and the weave is mostly buried.

If I add another layer of tape now, I'll also need to add a few more layers of epoxy on the ends of the boat which could add weight and a little chunkiness there.

Is it worth it, or is the single layer I've got on the ends enough?

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RE: double fiberglass on bow?

I'm talking about just adding extra bias-cut fiberglass "tape" along the keel line at stem and stern, if that wasn't clear.

RE: double fiberglass on bow?

That is just an extra barrier of protection for abrasion. It is not holding the boat together, so it will not fall apart on you.

Whether or not you need it depends on if you will drag the hull through the sand regularly while launching or paddle shallow waters that contain rocks, tree stumps you may inadvertantly bump into not seeing them.

So, only you can answer if you need to take a step back and add more epoxy/tape/glass.

RE: double fiberglass on bow?

Would a coating of epocy/graphite be recomended here too? 

 I have used the double cloth and rcomend doing it.  Not that much work.



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