Kayak Cover

Any wisdom, suggestions or designs for full kayak covers?  My objective is to get uv protection for short periods of outdoor exposure - a few days at a time - including while in transport on the car. 

Thanks in advance. 

Dan B - CS17



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RE: Kayak Cover


That's what varnish & paint are for. If that's all you need, you don't have to fool around with covers. Covers are for more serious protection - long term UV, weather and small impact (dust, bugs, leaves, etc.).


RE: Kayak Cover

Here's a link to a company that sells kayak covers:


I used them for a dodger and they did outstanding work.


RE: Kayak Cover

Do a search for Danuu covers.  They come in a wide range of sizes and look to be very nice.  I will probably be getting one soon, as I am forced to keep my kayak outside year round.  

Kayak Cover

For my Wood Duck 12 I bought from Sam's Club for about $36, a twelve foot green canoe cover that proved to fit perfectly.  Over the summer the sun has bleached the dark hunter's green in places to a kind of pea soup color.  But I am glad that sun was not doing the same to my Wood Duck.  I bought from Sam's Club only after pricing ripstop nylon material--just the material-- for a sew-it-yourself  job at nearly $100.   http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?dest=5&item=343538

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