Cork as Kaholo pad?

I'm underwhelmed by the kit pad for the Kaholo. Pretty sure I don't want a grey pad for a wood-toned boat. Wondering if anybody has used cork as a pad? Some of the cork/rubber products seem like they would be a natural fit with a wooden SUP...?


Pros? Cons?

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RE: Cork as Kaholo pad?

Some info in this thread to help out


RE: Cork as Kaholo pad?

I use sheet cork on my wood boards 1/16" is to thin 1/8" is good on boards for surfing, 1/4" is great for distance paddleing. I use 3M heavey duty spray adhesive used to us contact adhesive. cut your pad to shape. Lay it on the board and mask around it. Tape down 1/2 of the pad and fold back the other half and apply adhesive to both the pad and board , when dry to touch lay the pad onto the board,it will stick immediatly. untape the outher half of the pad and fold it back and apply adhesive ! I will be finished with another Kaholo in a few days and will post pictures when I have them.

RE: Cork as Kaholo pad?

Wood. Orge Sounds great.  I would love to see some photos.  What brand and where to you get the cork pad material?

RE: Cork as Kaholo pad?

Here are some pictures of cork as deck pad I found on another site.

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