Strip built wood duck 12

Has anyone here built a wood duck completely strip built?  The plans don't show forms for the hull portion that I can see on the web site.  Would there be sufficient info on the plan sheet to fabricate those needed forms?

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RE: Strip built wood duck 12

The plan would not include ofsets to make forms.  What you could do is fabricate pannels of strips, then cut out the panels and stitch together the way the ply does.  Someone may need to weigh in on how flexible the strip pannels are.  I do not know if they would take the bend.  You could probably make the hull and then create your own lines for the deck. Eyeball forms and then strip the deck the traditional way.

I have a chesapeak lt 16 built from the kit.  I am considering using the existing kayak as a form. covering the deck with plastic and building a strip deck right over it.  Then cutting out the old deck and attaching the strip one.  

Love the look of stripers.

PS: building a petrel now from strips.



RE: Strip built wood duck 12

Don't think the strips cut as a panel could take the bending, but that's an idea.  just hoping someone else might have already gone thru this.  Getting a strong back lined up would also be a trick.

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