skeg issue

I just completed the skegs for my Kaholo 12-6. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I only have one concern and I'm wondering how much of an issue it might be: I used thickened epoxy to create a "halo" that follows the shape of the skeg. The halo is pretty true but it's off-set from the crest of the skeg. Hopefully the pictures do a better job of illustrating what I mean. Will this offset affect performance? Is it worth fixing? My plan would be to add more thickened epoxy to the side that needs it and smooth it with a piece of plastic (hopefully making everything symmetrical). I'm worried the cure might be worse than the disease if I don't get it right. Both skegs have this issue.


Thanks for any suggestions!



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RE: skeg issue

The speed at which the SUP performs will not likely be effected by the skeg profile.  However, if the shape bothers you, the fix you propose will do the trick.  Easier than you think.

RE: skeg issue

Thanks Peter! I went ahead and tried the fix and am much happier now.


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