Plastic on deck forms?

Just starting to deck a wood duck hybrid.  The instructions recommend stretching plastic over the forms to avoid accidentally gluing the deck to the forms.  However, the pictures I have seen of fully stripped boats generally do without plastic.  Presumably this is just a case of how messy the glue between the strips get, how much squeezes out and sticks the strips to the forms.  It seems to me that it would be easier to see centerline and other reference marks placed on the forms if I just left off the plastic and tried to be careful.  Anybody care to share their experience when they didn't use plastic wrap?

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RE: Plastic on deck forms?

You will need to put something on the forms, otherwise you will stick the deck onto the forms. Really you will.


The options are either a sheet of plastic, though this will mean you will have to pin the strips on, or just tape over the edges of the forms, and you can then use clamps and go nail free if you want. You can mark the centreline on the tape, easy.

RE: Plastic on deck forms?

I agree with Beaker you need to cover your forms but what ever youy do, do not use masking tape as I did recently. Wood glue will stick to it and its not much fun getting it off. Also its a good idea to cover the inside of the hull with plastic, 5 minutes of laying out the plastic will be well spent against the time it will take to get rid of even a small amount of glue drips.

RE: Plastic on deck forms?

Any suggestions on tape that the glue won't easily stick to?

RE: Plastic on deck forms?

ANything plastic.  I had some light green auto paint tape. Was just wide enough to cover the edges of the forms.  


RE: Plastic on deck forms?


I agree with EdBru, best to use green tape.

RE: Plastic on deck forms?

I use clear packing tape. It does not handle curves well but a little fussing will get it where you want it, and nothing sticks to it.

And yes, spread plastic on the inside - you will get drips and yanking out plastic is way easwier than scraping off all the gobs of glue.

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