Pot Life

When working with MAS, what is the expected pot life?  i.e., how long do I have to apply before mixture begins to set up and becomes unworkable?


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RE: Pot Life

It depends on several factors:

type of hardener (I assume you have slow), temperature (cooler temps = longer pot life), quantity (small batches = longer pot life), shape of the mixing container (the more spread-out the mix, the more time you'll have to work with it because it won't heat us sp fast.

RE: Pot Life

Another thing that will effect pot life would be the adding of any fillers such as wood flour or cell-o-fil. They can drastically shorten the time you have especially if you use a "pastery bag" or syringe to apply the mix. Once they are spread the time they are workable is greatly extended.

RE: Pot Life

The MAS Epoxies website publishes a Cure Schedule at #5 in the FAQ section.  Although the schedule can not take all possible variables into consideration, it should give a pretty good idea of the relative pot life.


Regards,  Mike

RE: Pot Life

Thanks for the help.

RE: Pot Life

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RE: Pot Life

that's funny...oh, for days of yore!

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