Fitting the Final Strip

I'm building two shearwater hybrids side by side and both boats are ready for the final strips on either side of the cockpit.  Any tips on how to fit the final bead and cove strip between two existing would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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RE: Fitting the Final Strip

Try to retain the cove if you can, and shape the bead with course sandpaper. If the final strip cannot be inserted from one end, remove the beads and, if necessary, the coves and fit it with flat edges. -Wes

RE: Fitting the Final Strip

I took the one edge of the cove off, on the underside of the deck, and slid the closing pieces in.  I felt that no one could get their head in to see it.  I also forced glue in from both top and bottom, rationalizing that with the amount of sanding to be done, some extra glue wasn't a problem.

RE: Fitting the Final Strip

I have been messing around with a strip that has part of the cove removed.  Going ok, but not as tight a fit as the rest of the boat.  I set up my router table so I can cut beads/coves as needed.  I have it set so it shaves off just a tiny amount of material at a time.  Found it's much easier than sandpaper and everything fits really tight.

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