preventing epoxy adhesion

I'm about to build my 4th rib & plank (wood/canvas style) canoe.  I use dacron in place of canvas to cover the wood hull.  I want to use an epoxy/graphite mix on the cloth below the waterline to provide extra toughness.  But I want to avoid the epoxy soaking thru & adhering to the wood hull.  Before I apply the cloth, I varnish the hull to make a very smooth surface, then apply turtlewax paste car wax.  Will this prevent epoxy adhesion.  If not, what technique would you recommend?  Tks much!

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RE: preventing epoxy adhesion

Graphite does not make for a tougher finish ever. Infact if anything the additives makes it softer than untreated epoxy. What the graphite does infact is color the epoxy coats grey until successive costs give a generally black grey appearance. If its scratched, unlike paint, it doesn't peel away revealing would underneath but merely more black colored epoxy. If you want to strengthen your hull use carbon fiber or Kevlar or more glass. If you want scratch resistant color, add graphite.




RE: preventing epoxy adhesion

You have probably already read this, but Platt Monfort wrote an article about this:



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