PocketShip fast build from kit?

Next August I would like to participate in the Columbia 150, a 5 day journey down the Columbia River.

 I would think that even with the kit, a 9 month build time is just too short.  Or is it?  If I used the kit and it took 200 hours to build and I had 40 weekends, that's about 5 hours a weekend.   I have that... plus another hours or so over the weeknights.   I've built two boats before, though the mast on the sailboat was aluminum. 

 Is a 200 hour build time possible with the kit?  I would buy the sail and trailer.   It would be a high quality build, but not gold plated.

 Can CLC get me the plans next week and the kit within two or three weeks?  I could start building the hardwood parts right away.

Shipping cost estimate?

Thoughts?   Too ambitious?


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RE: PocketShip fast build from kit?

I've been thinking on this all day, and I think it is just too little time for me to build... at least to the quality I would like.

 I'll have to pass for now.

 Great design.  Beautiful boat.  I'll be back!


RE: PocketShip fast build from kit?


PocketShip is going to be 500-600 hours no matter how you cut it.  It's a proper yacht that way.  Some people spend that much time building a strip-planked kayak, so it's pretty good, but still a commitment in time. 

There are some terrific Phil Bolger pocket cruisers that might fit your design brief in terms of fast construction---I'd look up "Cynthia J."  No kits for those, alas, but a fast build.

One reef tied in at 15 knots.

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