Cool video of CLC Kayak Sail Rig

Thank you very much to Paul Davis for sending in this video covering building and then sailing his CLC Kayak Sail Rig. Check it out. Paul made the video in Fort Myers, FL; maybe he'll bring the boat along to the demo/rendezvous in St. Petersburg on Sunday.

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RE: Cool video of CLC Kayak Sail Rig

Thanks for the vid. There's actually a lot of cool vids for the sailrig on YouTube - at least a couple with dolphins and such. One YouTube vid by madison300 has an unusually fast ride on his double with the mkII and a 60sq ft windsurfing rig - probably the fastest I've seen it ho on YouTube anyway. Too a gentleman out in Japan has some excellent footage too and with a tarp sail!!! 


You link shows the crafts excellent light wind efficiency.



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