Finishing edge of plywood.

Hi, I have just placed an order for a Chester Yawl and I have looked at many photos. I have noticed that the boats where the exposed edge of the plywood has been rounded look sharper than when left square. 

I believe that a router with a rounding bit is one way to do this and I do have a router (which I seldom use).

I would welcome any comments or suggestions about this, the advisability of using the router for the job and what radius bit to use.


Thanks in advance.

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RE: Finishing edge of plywood.

  I have used a router to dress the opening edge of the cockpits on Wood Ducks with good results. I beleive it was suggested in the build manual, not sure though. I made three slow passes with a roundover bit taking a little more material out each time. First time was a bit spooky - afraid the ply would chip. Worked very well. Good luck on your build!

  Can't comment on the radius, old bit.



RE: Finishing edge of plywood.

My manual for a WD double suggests a 3/8" bit for this step.

RE: Finishing edge of plywood.

One of the steps I took to waterproof my Northeaster Dory was to brush every edge of plywood exposed with fresh-mixed epoxy, enough for some degree of penetration without enough to cause drips.

Yes, I know that's obsession, but at least I recognize my affliction.

RE: Finishing edge of plywood.

I use a 1/4" bit on the inside of cockpit coamings, but would suggest you simply sand the plywood. You need to have a solid surface beyond the cutting edge or the router bit will cut into the plywood. -Wes

RE: Finishing edge of plywood.

I just tried a 1/4" rad. roundover bit on a piece of scrap ply and it semed easy and great result.

Thanks for your input.

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