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I am building a CLC 17LT.  This is the 2nd boat for me but the first where I am painting the hull.  I taped with Fineline and painted with Primekote today.

If I am careful when sanding, can I leave the tape in place for the 2nd prime coat or should I remove and re-tape?

What about before applying the finish coats (Brightside)?  New tape or leave in place?







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RE: Taping / Paint

Hi Gene, your post is significant for me today because I also began painting the hull of my Skerry, my first boat, with the first coat of primer.  I wouldn;'t have even thought of removing the tape until I saw your post, so I'm anxious as well to see what you get back.  Thanks and good luck.  Bob H.

RE: Taping / Paint

I too am painting my hull (CLC16) for the first time, thanks for the good question.


RE: Taping / Paint

I removed the fineline between coats. I have a Millcreek 16.5 and painted the hull but rolled the paint over the deck to cover the nails. I protected the deck with fineline tape and used painters paper with masking tape. then reversed that when i varnished the deck. photos of the painting are here on my blog from the build.


RE: Taping / Paint

I am wrapping the paint onto the deck as well and have the painted radius on the deck at the bow and stern.  How did you re-tape and match the radius of the painted curve?

Is the Fineline fexible enough to allow you to work it around the curve but still not allow paint to bleed under it?

Thanks for the reply,





RE: Taping / Paint

Hi Guys, You should re-tape with fine line tape AFTER sanding. If you sand over it you will not get as fine a line. Blue fine line (that used for masking edges) comes in as nerrow as 1/8" and 1/4" is elastic enough to turn a l" radius. This will be enough to get around any radius you'll be putting on your bow etc. If you need to make a really small radius green fine line tape is available in 1/16" width. This is what custom painters use on car and bike painting and leaves a VERY fine line. Don't use fine line for the primer and when you re-tape try to stay on the outside edge of the primer where there is a very thin sholder of paint. Hope I'm making myself clear. If you have questions you can contact me at jacknlin@aol,com. SEEYA Jack

RE: Taping / Paint

the way i made the nice radius was to over tape and then cut with a straight razor.

after all that taping i still have 1/2 a roll left over. it makes an incredible line.

for the pin stripng i applied pin stripe tape to the plywood then glassed over it.


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