Marquetry Onlay

I am preparing to install one of the CLC Marquetrys on the deck of my 11 Ft Little Auk.  The deck camber on this boat forms a noticable ridge on centerline rather than being radiused as many of the boats are.  My concern is that the onlay will crack along centerline when I press it down onto the deck.  Has anyone dealth with this?  Is there any way to soften up the only so it bends easier?  Suggestions welcome.

Another thought:  Has anyone tried scoring the marquetry on the top, along centerline?


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RE: Marquetry Onlay

I haven't done it but if I did...I would try scoring the underside.



RE: Marquetry Onlay

If you can, try to score a slight "v" groove in the underside.  

RE: Marquetry Onlay

I haven't tried it either, but how about trying heat or steam? You could place it beteen two damp cloths and use a clothes iron on it on the steam setting. When it softens, try gently pressing it on the deck to see if it bends easily.


RE: Marquetry Onlay

Thanks for the ideas.  I actually used the steam idea.  I steamed it with an iron and then layed it on the deck in what I planned to be the final position and put a bean bag on top.  After a couple of days I resteamed it and put the bean bag back on.  When ready to install I just followed the normal instructions.  It is now under the fiberglass on the deck and looking good.


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