for the surf

anyone built any of the kits for the surf, board or kayak?  Just want some feedback and opinions.  Just looking for a winter project and building difficulty is not really a factor.  thanks

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RE: for the surf

I've built two San O 14's and the Matunuk. Both are good builds but if you're looking for a slightly different build I'd go with the Matunuk. The San O's are pretty much like building a kayak. The surf kayak is totally different than building a hard chined kayak and was fascinating watching the curves take shape, in particular the bottom that goes from a slight concave in the nose to flat at the tail. I still haven't surfed it yet but it paddles reasonably well on flat water, just a bit of fishtailing since I opted to leave off the fins. I haven't built a Grain surfboard yet but it's on the list!

George K

RE: for the surf

Hey George K -

 Do you have any pic's you can share with us?



Guy W.

RE: for the surf

I am putting the combing on a Matunuck surf kayak (snapped it twice and glassed back together) I did it from plans and was fairly easy - eye for detail of course - slight buckle toward the nose on mine. Had hard time bringing deck and hull together on it, 2 person job with a long level pole and glass sticky tape. Still not in the water. Have a photo gallery to check out -


George - good to hear about the concave  (arking inwards) front section of the  bottom side of hull. Did'nt really know if it was suppose to be this way. Could help with turning the little boat. I will also go finless to see how she goes. 


RE: for the surf


The CLC Mantunuck page has 2 photo gallery links, one of which is a construction gallery. In the meantime, here's a picture of George's award-winning Mantunuck with it's walnut veneer deck. Now if someone would only tell us how "Mantunuck" is pronounced.


RE: for the surf

Since Laszlo posted the Matunuk for me (thanks, Buddy!) here's one of the first San O 14 I built:

Tony, the coaming on that thing is known as TPMLTB, or The Part Most Likely To Break. Did you put the glass fiber tape on the back side of it before bending? I didn't have a problem, no breakage. Also the deck/hull joint does require a lot of the tape and I used several well placed clamps to act as the other pair of hands needed to put it together. Yours looks good, looking forward to seeing it done and in the water.



RE: for the surf

Laszlo and George those are great lookin and I'm sure they're alot of fun on the water! Thanks for the post.


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