stitchening panels

Contemplating about which way to tie together the bottom panels of my Duckling (8 footer)---start at the ends or start at the middle and work outward or inward.  I have already finished, but thinking about which is the "accepted" or "correct" way to do this ...

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RE: stitchening panels

On my 2 17LTs I started at the bow and worked back.  I think you'd always want to start at the bow as this allows you to set the panel alignment for a good looking bow- the way the 17's stern comes together it's a small matter to correct misalignment with a jigsaw or sander but that could get ugly if attempted at the bow.

if you start in the middle you could misalign BOTH ends.. Then you'd be looking at a Viking Funeral.

RE: stitchening panels

Don't stress over this part. I put the panels flat together, so you can align them, then wired them not too tight.

Then open them out like a book, and all will come into shape. Here is my Duckling at this stage.



For a cunning way to do this single handedly to get the bulkheads in, sandwich the panels between two clamps, and gently press into the correct angle. This is a Shearwater Sport Hybrid:


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