Blue Painters Tape Residue

I just pulled off the blue painters tape next to my fillets, and the epoxy doesn't seem to be sticking to it.  It's as if the residue from the glue is repelling the epoxy like oil on water.  Its the first time this has happended and i'm wondering if the "edge lock" technology on this Scotch tape means they used a different kind of glue.

Anyone have this happen?  I guess the only thing I can do is to try to sand where it's not sticking.  As if there was not enough to sand.  GRRRRRR.

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RE: Blue Painters Tape Residue

Hmm . . . never had a problem with blue tape, or 3M green fine line tape, but clear packing tape usually leaves some sticky behind. Oh yeah, and if blue tape gets epoxy or paint/varnish on it it will leave goo and bits of tape behind. I scrape the offending sreas, wipe down with denatured alcohol, sand, continue . . .

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