Alternative Sailing Rigs for Eastport Pram

I just bought an eastport pram to build with my 8 year old daughter.  The boat will be for her to sail by herself.  We don't have any local racing, so I figure the Eastport is a better choice than an Opti since it is substantially lighter and much more visually appealing.

One thing I wonder about is the wooden rig with 42 sqft of sail area and a relatively high boom.  I assume a wood rig is heavier than an aluminum one.  Since my daughter is pretty light, I was thinking about using the rig and sail off an Opti.  Rationale is that there will be less weight aloft, less sail area, and a lower boom to reduce the tipping moment from the force on the sails.

Is my rationale sound?  Has anybody tried this before?  Any advice?  I know it sounds crazy to build such a beautiful boat then stick an aluminum pole on it...

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