Kaholo fiberglass width

I'm about to add the deck to my Kaholo 12-6. I'm building from plans and ordered a la carte from the clc site. The website shows the build needing 10 yards of 30" wide glass (for the underside of the deck and top of the deck I presume) and 5 yards of 50" wide glass (for the hull) so I ordered both. However, in the manual it only calls for 12 yards of 50" wide glass. I've now realized that the 30" glass will barely cover the width of the underside of the deck and, as near as I can tell, not provide any overlap from the deck onto the sides when doing the top of the deck. On my other builds there has always been several inches extra overhanging the deck in order to bond with the sides. Any harm is doing the reverse and using the 50" wide glass to cover the hull, sides and overlap onto the deck. Or glassing the deck with 50" and having the overlap be somewhere on the bottom as opposed to near the sheer clamps. Maybe this was the intent but it's not clear from the site vs the manual. As I write this I realize it's probably hard to envision. Thanks for any help!


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RE: Kaholo fiberglass width

The more I've thought about this it dawned on me that I could just glass the deck with the 30" fabric and use fiberglass tape or strips at the sheer to join the deck to the sides. Any issue with this approach?



RE: Kaholo fiberglass width

Hi Patrick,

The glass is not needed to join the deck to hull as such. The sheer clamps provide enough glueing surface. The only real function that a glass overlap will provide is protection from the paddle hitting the sides. Some strips in this are might be worthwhile but some rail tape would be better because i can be easily replaced from time to time.




RE: Kaholo fiberglass width

Thanks Craig. This is reassuring. I appreciate your response!



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