Chester Yawl planking problem

Buiking the Chester Yawl.  Scarfed all the planks according to stats on the plans. First four planks on each side wire beautifully.

However, fifth planks seem mismatxhed especialyl at the stern where there is a 4.5 inch gap between plank four and five before wiring.   Hard to believe this opposite arc plank will ever snug up to the others.  The manual says to expect some mismatch at the stern, but this seems extreme.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Chester Yawl planking problem

It'd be great if you could send a snapshot to for diagnosis.  Plank 5 shouldn't really be much different from the other four in terms of fit.  

RE: Chester Yawl planking problem

Thanks John.  I was wondering if I did something wrong or if there was a problem with the plank.

My daughter just gave me my first grandson so I will be away from the build for a while  but will send you a photo when I begin again.                         

 With gratitude ,                                      


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