Interlux Schooner Gold question

I used Interlux Schooner for the first three coats of varnish on the interior of my Peeler. I used it unthinned. It flowed easily and built smoothly. When I ran out of Schooner I ran to the local marine store and grabbed a can of Schooner Gold - not realizing the difference between plain Schooner and Schooner Gold. Well, as many members have found in the past, the Gold proved unbrushable straight from the can and needs to be thinned considerably. Now needing to sand out the brush marks I read that Gold should be thinned with Interlux 333 thinner. Just my luck, every marine outlet in my area is out of Interlux 333. CLC can't sell 333 due to shipping regulations.

My question is can you thin Gold with turpentine or mineral spirits (which I have on hand) or do you absolutely need to use the 333? Now I remember why I usually finish my projects with workboat paint.

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RE: Interlux Schooner Gold question

You can use mineral spirits to thin.  I would use a better quality product, not the 99 cents per gallon stuff, but even that would work.  333 is a thinner/retarder, and it slows drying allowing the product to flow out better.  I use 333 with Epifanes when I varnish brightwork on my big boat in the summer, otherwise I use Epifanes thinner, which is just a higher quality thinner.

RE: Interlux Schooner Gold question

Wholesale Marine ships 333, and they got mine to me very fast--so that's an option if you can wait a couple days.

RE: Interlux Schooner Gold question

I used Schooner Gold on my first kayak and initially struggled with it.  In the end I used a combination of 333 and Penetrol to achieve a nice finish.


RE: Interlux Schooner Gold question

I took BankerBob's advice and have ordered some Interlux 333 (half as evil as 666?) via mail order. The straight Gold left such a rotten finish I now need to sand it down with 120 grit and > to get the brush marks out. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to sand the Peeler interior with each grit. So I've another 8-12 hours of sanding before re-coating. I'm totally out of interest in any shiny objects again. My next boat gets a Sam Devlin truck bed liner spray job. My Peeler has proven that time can be stretched to infinity, or at least twice as long a building time as estimated on the plans. I know, I know ....stop whining and sand.

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