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 Hi all!

First I’d like to say thanks to all those who posted questions and to those who answered them! You kept me from having to ask during my build. I feel somewhat ashamed that this is my first post because I completed my Chesapeake 17LT 2 years ago, so here a few pics of it. I had a lot of fun building it and even more fun paddling it!! On to my question….

I’m planning a road trip to the everglades for a camping trip with a buddy in our yaks. I’m concerned with road debris being kicked up and potentially hitting the front. I seem to be a magnet with this kind of stuff and have had more things hit my car, just recently had a chunk of tire take out my side mirror so it has got me thinking now. I know you can get a cover for the whole boat but I think that’s overkill for what I’m looking for, plus I’m not sure how much impact it may absorb from say a rock or something similar. Does anyone know of or have you made a “sock” just to cover the first 3-4ft? I’m handy with a sewing machine so I’m thinking of making a form fitting cover from thick neoprene which has sewed in velcro tensioners at the back with straps anchoring to the deck rigging further back to keep it from sliding forward and/or flapping around. Neoprene is the best material I can think of that’ll give me reasonable impact protection. Any suggestions if someone has gone this route or similar to would be greatly appreciated!



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RE: Intro/traveling question

You will probably spend more time trying to protect the boat than you would spend repairing any damage suffered during travel. The biggest risk in cartopping is not flying objects, but in wind gusts that can take a boat and rack off the vehicle. Even with factory racks, I always run an extra strap around the boat and through the doors on my wagon. And if I'm going to be on a highway, I also add bow lines. -Wes

RE: Intro/traveling question

Wes-thanks for the response. That’s what’s going back and forth in my head….spend time fabricating something that may not help anyway or just go and worry about it if it happens. I guess itt’s just a peace of mind thing because as you stated, there are bigger issues to be concerned with. And yes, I always do bow and stern ropes not matter how short the trip. Learned the hard way when only going about 3 miles away at 40- 45mph and one strap worked its way loose and saw the kayak start getting forced to one side...luckily I was in a spot to pull over quickly. I do like the idea of an additional strap so not to rely just on the rack itself.  

RE: Intro/traveling question

2nd for bow and stern lines. My 17LT suffered more damage falling off of the trailer than any other incident.

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