NE Dory: Video

We finally got around to editing our video taken during our NE Dory adventure this August.  I hope members of this forum will forgive the excessive land-based footage.  We had intended to make a boatbuilder specific version, but it proved too much for us.

The Dory, which we built hastily this summer (thanks to all who provided timely suggestions), held up better than we could have hoped.  She was the perfect boat for the task. Handled waves well and picked up nicely at the slightest breeze.  

The Maine Island Trail is an unbeatable place to take your dory.

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RE: NE Dory: Video

Very impressive Trip and Video and a good looking Dory, I love that area of Maine.


RE: NE Dory: Video

Great trip and video. Just returned from Xmas on Mt Desert Island and I've paddled most all of the trail over the last 4 years. Planning to take my dory up there in May and hope to see you on the water. SEEYA Jack

RE: NE Dory: Video

Thanks for posting the video. Looks like a great trip.

George K

RE: NE Dory: Video

Wow, that made my day.  Great video!  The boat being used exactly as intended...

I did the entire Maine Island Trail from near Bath to Roque Island in an open boat.  Your video is the closest I've seen to capturing the beauty and charm of the Maine coast in a small boat.  

RE: NE Dory: Video

Great video! Thanks for posting it.

Enough to make me want to build the NE Dory right away! I already have the PMD with lug rig (which I love) but I don't think that it could keep up with the Dory in terms of speed for such an outing!

A fine way to begin the New Year!


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