Skerry mods for mast, Bow compartments and rowing wing

I am considering off season work to modify my Skerry.

Last summer, I made a new mast from a CLC blank and its 14' long. I wanted to try out some jaws on a gaff rig for both the boom and upper gaff spar. The one think I found so far is that raising and lowering cause it to bind as my jaws do not curve both around the boom and upwards. When I raise the gaff in particular if I dont keep it perpendicular to the mast, the string with parrel beeds tend to tighten down on the mast. I am considering how to improve this. Anyone build spars to raise and lower with jaws. I wanted to be able to let loose the lines and allow the sail to completly luff w/out risking cracking a gooseneck.

Also, I would like to know what modifications are necessary to add a rowing wing to a skerry. I would like to be able to add and remove a wing.

Finally, I would like to create a compartment in the bow to keep things dry. I still want the kids to be able to sit up there under sail, they enfoy that. Anyone do this to theirs? I read somewhere that John C Harris might consider making an altered plan for the Skerry based on the modification he made for John Guider's Skerry to make the Great Loop trip. If I build ever build a bigger boat for my family (of 5), I might alter the skerry for camping and rowing and less for day trips and passengers.


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