Epoxy cure question

I am doing the rub rail scarf joints for the Chester Yawl.  CLC manual says 24 hrs. at 75 degrees.

Since my basement is 60 or so, I hung lights over the joints bringing the temp. to 75-80.  These will be on for 8 hrs.

My questuion is if I turn off the lights overnight and joints cool to 60 room temp,, should I turn them on again in the morning  or just finish the cure at 60 degrees?

If I leave them at 60, roughly how much more time will it take for the cure?

Thanks for any help. 

Rich MPL

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RE: Epoxy cure question

You will find that if your work area is low humity and a stable temp of 64+

degrees your cure will be fine.  I am building now in an area of that temp and it is cure to tough within 8 hrs and I let it cure 36 hrs before I sand and recoat.



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