Looking to buy a used Skerry or Northeaster

I am interested in buying a complete Skerry or Notheaster. I live in Annapolis MD and would like to find one within 1000 miles.

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RE: Looking to buy a used Skerry or Northeaster

I'm currently in the process of refinnishing my Dory (it needed fresh varnish on spars, thwarts and inside) The boat is dark blue with bright interior. It was the BETA build for CLC and I did a few things differently. I put a stem in the bow instead of using a big fillet and also fit pieces on either side of the transom instead of fillets. The whole boat is trimmed out with waterfall bubinga (thwarts, daggerboard, breasthook, transom and rudder). I have the sail rig (sloop) and installed cam cleats on the middle thwart for single handed sailing. There are three pairs of oarlocks installed for rowing with one or two oarsmen. I also installed bow sockets, three are removable and fit in the oarlocks, two are fixed in bow and stern sections. The boat comes with the oars, sails, cover (the one CLC sells for it) and Trailex SUT-250 trailer with spare tire. I'm in Florida but would be willing to meet you half way. If you're interested let me know and we'll work out a price and delivery date. My email is gkrewson@bellsouth.net. 

George K

RE: Looking to buy a used Skerry or Northeaster

There's actually some good pictures of George's boat over in the Okoumefest 2009 coverage section.


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