6mm for hatch covers

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I'm out of 4mm for my hatch covers on my 17lt. I do have some 6mm left over from my coaming components. Do you think it would be fine to use the 6mm for my hatch covers? I guess they would just sit 2mm higher than the 4mm. I would hate to have to order a full or half sheet just for this. Thanks, Justin

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RE: 6mm for hatch covers

I used 3mm for the deck. The forward hatch was pretty tough to get the right shape. I ended up using 3 formers. 6mm would be pretty tough to work with for the front. The back might work out well?

RE: 6mm for hatch covers

Bending might an issue. Could you not plane the 6mm down?  Have you considered stripped Hatches?

RE: 6mm for hatch covers

Thanks for the input guys! I guess I could sand the 6mm down a couple mm. Never thought of that!! Love this forum!

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