help with puzzle joints

Am building the wood duck 10'.  Somehow I joined and epoxied the wrong pieces on the two sides, so that the stern end slopes inward instead of outward,  Didn't figure this out until I began to wire the sides.  I need to take them apart and match the correct stern end to the correct bow.  No idea how to rectify this.  Help much appreciated.

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RE: help with puzzle joints

 A heat gun may do it. Heat the joint and try to work it loose, you may need another hand to keep the heat on while working. Hope that helps...don't know what else to recommend. Maybe someone else will chime in...good luck.

RE: help with puzzle joints

Particularly in the case of a Wood Duck side panel, a heat gun will undo the joint in a jiffy.  And neatly, too, ready to go back together without fuss or ugliness.  

This works when the epoxy is newly applied, but not after a few weeks or months.  This is why we don't fret about our Wood Ducks unzipping in the summer heat!

RE: help with puzzle joints

Thanks, guys, i will give it a try.

RE: help with puzzle joints

In follow up, this worked like a charm with a wagner ht1000 heat gun ($22.50 on amazon.

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