Safe Winter storage?

I built a Wood Duck hybrid a couple of years ago.  Normally, I store it in my basement during the winter but since I am building a Chester Yawl down there, it's hard to find a spot for the kayak.

I have a detached unheated garage where it is now. I live in coastal Connecticut where winter temps are often in the 20's at night with a few days where it could be in the teens or lower.

Will the cold in any way damage my kayak?  Thanks for any imput based on personal experiences.



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RE: Safe Winter storage?

My petrel has been stored in an unheated garage for a couple of years and I see no issues. I live in the Mohawk Valley of NewYork. I would be more concrened if there wre rapid temperture changes

RE: Safe Winter storage?

I'll second this - I have a Chesapeake 17 and a strip-planked canoe that are stored in my un-heated garage in CT with no ill effects - it's been 10 years for the kayak.  The only side effect I see is that since it's hoisted into the rafters of the garage I never remember that it needs a new coat of varnish and I meant to do it last fall . . . . :-)

RE: Safe Winter storage?

Thanks for the responses. 

Even though I am focusing all my thoughts and efforts on my second boat, I couldn't help but be nervous about my "first born."

Feeling more comfortable now.

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