Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

When responding to other questions relaing to the Kaholo 14 build Craig suggested I consider putting in a fin box rather than going with the twin fun offered in the kit. My intent is to to do open water, race and fitness paddling. I'd like to hear the most compelling reasons for either set up. Thanks. 

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RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

G'day Dan,

Good idea to start another thread on this topc.  

The following are my thoughts based my own research and my existing knowledge of ocean sports and to a lesser extent non ocean sports equip. Waveskis, surfing, downwind surfski racing, snow skiing



Ease of construction- the CLC fins are not foiled. therefor, easy to shape and glue on.

Minimal depth in the water- maybe this desrable in shallow water??

Aesthetics- debatable. Each to their own


No foil - reduced performance , increased drag

minimal depth in the water - this is very important for downwind, Rough/choppy conditions and overall stability although stability isn't an issue with the Kaholo

No adjustabilty - With a fixed setup you have one board only. 

Can't be removed for transport, storage.



has the abilty to match all the pros and negate all of the cons listed above.

I have never seen a displacment hull type SUP with a fixed setup. Is there a manufacturer out there doing this? this would ne the most compelling reason of all.

Adjustability -  able to move afin for and aft to increase tracking or add some looseness, ability to swap out fina for different conitions/uses. Big hatchet for downwind, cutaway for an in/out BOP, flexi fin or old longboard fin for friends and family.


For me, its a no brainer. The Kaholo is a great project and by all accounts a great all round performer for the masses but the fin setup is la sub-optimal feature incorporated to simplify the building process

If you decide to build another, I am, you might like to post a query regarding the beam of he Kaholo as well. Another good discussion point.

Hope my thoughts help and generate some further discussion.

Cheers, Craig

RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

So if one were to put in a fin box, I am assuming that it would be one fin box which would allow for a singe fin setup rather than multiple fin boxes to allow for different setups? I don't paddleboard so I'm not familiar with the pros and cons of one vs. two fins if you put in multiple fin boxes (which would probably increase weight). 

Any experience out there as to where to place the fin box if you're installing one on a Kaholo (e.g., how far from stern of board)? 

RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

Hi Kathy,

Good questions. Was helping a mate install a multi fin (thruster) setup on his latest surfboard this arvo.

Multi fin setups are for surfing. The fins have toe, cant and are foiled two ways and they are used to facilitate turning. The centre fin is for tracking, stability and to hold the board on the wave.

Displacement hull type SUP,s such as the Kaholo are not for surfing although they can be used for running small waves and catching wind/swell runners, hence there use in distance, BOP raceing and downwind racing. This type of SUP will normally be 12'6", 14' or unlimited ( up to 17 '. At about 16', a foot controlled rudder is generally needed. 

Displacement hull SUP,s are single fin because stablity and tracking are most important. 

Multi fin setups have a place on planing type SUP,s. these SUPS, are used for surfing and/or recreational paddling/playing. They are not intended for racing or distance paddling. They arevessentially big fat longboards.

The CLC 2 fin setup is not a traditional twin fin surfing setup as there is no cant, toe, or foil.

As far as distance to install from the stern, I sought advice from a SUP forum and reccomendation came in at somewhere between 6" -10" so I settled on 8".

If one really wants a twin fin setup then I would suggest installing surfboard fin plugs. As mentioned, I helped a mate out today and they are very easy to install. All that is need is a forstner bit . either s plugs or tri plugs would do. This would give you a twin fin setup that allows you to swap out different size fins. It does not allow for movement of fins for and aft.


Some good info supporting above in these two links



Cheers, Craig







RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

S and tri plugs can be seen in this link. Weight is negligble, about yhe same as the leash plug.



RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin


Thank you for the details and clearly-stated breakdown of "to single fin box, or to twin fin as per the kit." A paddle sports-guru friend and co-worker of mine here in Sarasota, Florida, laid out the many virtues of a single fin box in exactly the same way you have done above after I posed the question to him--just moments after my intitail querry yesterday. Great minds think alike!

Your postings and "tips" on the Kaholo build continue to be much appreciated. I'm stitching the tailstock and starting the gluing today. I began the build last Friday and am having a terrific go of it.



RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

G'day Dan. This is such a fun project. Comes together so easily. I started mine 3 weeks ago and am planning on having the deck on by Monday.

As a holiday project, I reckon it is very doable in 2 weeks from plans and of course much quicker using a kit.

I considered building my own fin but decided to get it on the water as soon as possible. I may still build a nice timber fin at a later stage. Yet another advantage of going down the fin box or plug route.

Simiarly, I had planned on a stripped deck but Ithats more time and can always do that at a later date. I just don't know how much use this will get as I am primarily a surfski paddler.

The next stage of this process will be a timber paddle. 

Cheers, Craig

RE: Kaholo 14 single or twin fin

And another plus of a single fin box is you now have a means to easily lock your board.




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