Kaholo with a View

I'd like to build the 12'6' Kaholo and want to add a window so I can see what I'm supping over :)

Here's an example:


I thought I could maybe use fixed, lightweight portholes (one on the top, one on the bottom), seal them in, and enjoy the view. Another idea was to use plexiglass, and glass over that. What do you think? Possible? Only thing is, I'm not sure where they would go without compromising the design and stability.

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RE: Kaholo with a View

interesting thought BUT, experience tells me, probably not worth it... I put a lexan window in a dinghy bottom one time and it always leaked. On a SUP you would have to have a window in the hull bottom and deck, thus two potential leak areas... I SUP in Biscayne Bay and the Everglades and have no trouble seeing the buttom and sea life "over the side" as it were. I also think that if you spend your time staring at a window in the deck it will restrict your overall view (enjoyment) of the experience and may affect your balance. All in all I'd spend the time you'll invest supping. SEEYA Jack

RE: Kaholo with a View

I agree.   I seem to see everything just the way it is.   Wouldn't want to be looking straight down as I paddle anyway.   From up on top of this SUP I can see all around it and wouldn't find any need to also see under it at the same time - would likely never look through it nor would be as clear as simply looking a foot to the right or left.

RE: Kaholo with a View

Jack, what was the issue with the lexan window?

Putting aside personal preference, how could I go about doing it? It *seems* relatively simple - cut a hole, insert the portholes, seal it. What am I missing?

BTW, I often lay down or fish from my board (sometimes at the same time). So having a window would be a great addition to my board experience.

RE: Kaholo with a View

Hi truenorth,

You might want to try searching some of the kayak building forums for this topic.  I know I've seen it discussed in a few places.  Here's one thread I found (this is the post in the thread with the most useful information):  http://www.kayakforum.com/cgi-bin/Building/index.cgi/md/read/id/218957/sbj/strip-building-a-glass-bottom-kayak/

My husband has decided he's interested in having me install lights on his Kaholo, so I've started researching that idea - we'll see how it goes!  http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2012-10-30/business/fl-sfns-paddleboarding-20121030_1_precision-paddleboards-tours-safety-tool

RE: Kaholo with a View

The lexan port was in an outboard dinghy and the leaks were probably due to flexing. On a sup the "windows" will be in the deck and the hull bottom and must be part of a box that will be formed by four wood sides that extend from the underside of the deck to the inside of the hull bottom and form an hermetically sealed box. ANY moist air that gets into that space will cause fogging. Consider too the barometric pressure change in that box brought about by difference in the internal and external temperature and you have a recipe for problems in my opinion. I will defer to my good friend Laszlo and others on this point but I think you would have to pull a partial vacuum in such a space to preclude fogging....I'd sooner just put a window in the bottom, build the four sides, leave the top open and sponge out any water that splashes in each time you lie down. But you knowwhat? If you want a window go for it. Just promise me you won't carry an assault rifel while you sup. SEEYA Jack

RE: Kaholo with a View

Thanks, Jack & others. Some careful consideration... but I'm still thinking, worst case, I'll have a useless, steamy box. Best case, I'll have a window. I think I'm gonna go for it but with portholes.

And KathyD, wow those lights are neat. I've seen strips of Christmas lights powered by a 12V on paddleboards before but not integrated LEDs. Love the idea and that may have to go into the arsenal.

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