Peeler steering question

Using a center console on the Peeler, what is the best route for the push pull steering cables? Do the cables have to be mounted absolutely secure for the operation to work? Could I use a pvc tube thru the flotation tanks? Looking for suggestions and ideas. I have zero experience with this. Thanks, Ken.

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RE: Peeler steering question

Look up the minimum bend radius of your push-pull steering cable of choice on the internet.  You'll need three primary bends in your steering cable:  from vertical to horizontal where the cable turns near the console's bottom to head toward a side, a horizontal bend to send the cable aft along the side, and another horizontal bend to go from along the side to the outboard.  Will all thes ebends be at a radius equal to (marginal) or greater than (better) the minimum speced for your cable?  If so, you're good to go figure out where you will be happy with placing your cable.  If not, reroute the cable til you at least meet the minimum spec.  Play around with a heavy piece of rope to get an initial feel for where to route your cable and (very important) how long the cable needs to be.  You'll be the pioneer, you'll have to fiddle a while or get expert help.  Good luck.

RE: Peeler steering question

what has worked for me. using a small teleflex head, and small wheel say 13.5" mount the head on a 12"x9"x whatever height. mount the hub facing you. run the cable to the  bottom of console then cut an angle say 30 (assuming you center it)degrees a box sat with a small inside  diamet and exagerated say 45 degree angles at the base of console and again by the side of the boat. bring it up to under the gunnels and let it take it's natural bend around transom. you can mount controls on side of console leave to flat and a small depth recorder can be mounted. after mounting it you will probably earn for a tiller and your space back. i've done this on larger boats and used 4" pvc pipe not a choice in this application. hope it's a little help

RE: Peeler steering question

I understand using a rope to lay it all out with smooth arcs but do the steering cables have to be mounted real secure along the way or just at the transom by the motor. ( I'm just concerned about steering cables, I'm going electric and the throttle etc are already worked out). Thats why I was wondering, can the steering cables lay loose in a pvc on their route to the motor. Thanks, Ken

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