All wired up/tack welding question

So I've got my Shearwater Sport wired up, tightened, etc, with the hull and deck mated to my satisfaction in terms of smoothness, minimal gaps and bumps.  It looks good and the lines are fair, but nothing has yet been epoxied.

My question is, now that I have everything together, would it make sense to do some partial tack welding in the exposed areas of the cockpit, avoiding the hull/deck joint, but at least getting some strength and form in the panel joints, before unwiring and finishing up ?  

Are there any downsides to a partial tack weld job on the cockpit area, followed by the rest of the boat afterwards ?


Thanks !

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RE: All wired up/tack welding question

Hi I suppose you could do that, but I dont think you would gain alot, If all is to your satisfaction go ahead and tack weld the hull and tack weld the deck, when you fillet the hull you could temporally restitch the deck and then fillett the deck and do the same, just make sure your carefull and dont accidently tack weld the two halves together . when I did mine I went slowl and steady like you seem to be doing, I often thought how in the hell do the pro"s manage to tack weld then fillett then glass in what seems to be one continuios step, because I did take so long to do each step I roughed up ny fillets with sandpaper before glassing, you do have to do very clean filletts though because there rock hard to sand when dry, I guess at the end of the day one should try and follow the instructions as best as one can but fortunatly there is some scope for doing things a little different,  And by the way Ithink youll love this Yak , ( I know I do )I think the clc write up describes it to perfection , Id write a review but it probley wouldnt be any different,

cheers Locky........

RE: All wired up/tack welding question

The idea is to get where you are, make sure everything is straight. Then lock in the shape with the tack welds. Once the boat is tack welded the shape is locked in and you can remove all of the wires before you filet. If you fillet over the wires, you will use alot more epoxy and flour, resulting in a heavier boat. My preference is for ketchup squirters, cheap, right sized spout, and only 2 refills for a whole boat. Once it is tacked you can slow down a bit and filet and tape a section at a time. I did all of the filets and tape on my SW Sport Saturday in a 4.5 hour marathon. 11 batches of epoxy/flour. Now I need to sand the edges of the tape, and keep moving forward. JRC

RE: All wired up/tack welding question

Thanks guys.  I wound up doing the hull in two partial tack weld sessions, working from the middle out, with the deck replaced and tightened down each time.  It seems to have worked out fine, and all the wires are gone so fillets should go relatively easily.  On to the deck !

RE: All wired up/tack welding question

Thanks, Thetis.  I am approaching this same stage on my SW 17 S&G (first build).  Did you end up doing a partial tack in the cockpit while the hull and deck were attached?  Did it help? 

JRC, a question on using the ketchup squirter for the tack welding.  Do I put on a bead and just leave it like that?  Or do I run my gloved finger or a plastic spoon over the tack weld go get better penetration?  BTW thanks for the advice to go slow and fillet and tape in stages.  I too was worried about being able to do all the seams in one go. 

Thanks.  Alec


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