Wood duck repairs

I built a wod duck a couple of years ago and it has been stored on the roof of my larger boat.

It was finished with West System 2 pack epoxy and then covered in 2 pack poyurethane with 3 coats (I think).

I now have 2 problems that I hope someone can help me with:

1. The timber finish has gone white looking in a lot of places giving a milky look.

2. The boat was blown off a rack and damaged with a hole through the hull in the aft compartment. This is fixable which I intend to do tomorrow by sanding off the rough section on the inside, painting with epoxy, laying in some mat and then gluing a piece of flexiply over the patch (had to be right on the chine).

The outside is another issue with the polyurethane which I assume I will have to sand off and then epoxy up with a piece of mat and then recoat with poyurethane.

Would anyone like to comment on thois procedure.

The other thought is to cover the hull in a thin timber laminate, possibly mahogany, anf then polishing again. This would get rid of the milky look and cover any repairs.

Has anyone ever done this and what problems have they encountered.

Many thanks

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RE: Wood duck repairs

Hmmm... does the poyurethane provide UV protection for the epoxy? I wonder if lack of UV protection is why it's turning milky?


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