Peeler Build Manual

I received and skimmed my Peeler build manual today and I must say it’s impressive, albeit a bit intimidating for a first time kit builder.

The guys (and gals) at CLC did a brilliant job putting together the manual.

Now, I’ve just got to ponder if this old gray haired guy has it in him to do it justice.

But then again we only live once.

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RE: Peeler Build Manual

Mine came today also. The hard part of the build looks to be the fiberglass cloth work. The filleting I can handle. Too bad a guy can't just use epoxy, paint and varnish. But I'm sure the boat relies on the cloth for strength. I'm ordering my kit the first part of April when we return from florida. Let us know how you do on yours. I think we can all do it if we take our time and don't rush the steps. Good luck, Ken.

RE: Peeler Build Manual

Thanks Ken,

I agree one should go slow.  The pleasure it the build.

RE: Peeler Build Manual

Don't worry about the fiberglass. Just take the project one step at a time. I know exactly how you will feel the first time you unroll the cloth and cut it to size and get it all positioned and smoothed out. There are lots of tips and FAQs right here on CLC's website. You might feel intimidated the first time you work with FG cloth, but after you have done a few sections, it will all be old hat. You will just get better and better the more of it that you get done. The FG cloth is needed for strength, and abrasion resistance. Everyone probably learns more about using FG cloth on their first build than they will do on subsequent projects, but you have to make that first step. As well as the tips and FAQs on this site, spend some time looking at blogs and web sites put up by other boat builders, and at videos that they have posted. I can guarantee that the project will turn out better than you are expecting, and probably guarantee that your first build won't be the last one!


RE: Peeler Build Manual

Thanks for your support. Each time I read the manual it becomes clearer and you are right,,, take it 1 step at a time.

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